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One word to describe this sight: speechless.

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Every 3rd Gif in folder (SHELDON STYLE)

If you were locked in a room with someone, what would you do?

If you had one day left to live, what would you do?

What would you do if you were a tribute in The Hunger Games?

How would you act if you were the last person on earth?

If you met your favourite band?

If you met your favourite singer?

If you sang the national anthem on live television?

If you married your celebrity crush?

If you went swimming in shark infested waters?

If you watched your favourite show for 24 hours with no breaks?

If you became a superhero?

If you never found anyone to love?


Oh, yes did I forget the big news?

Kind of, sort of, might have, defiantly did…


Oh My God.

I would have said the same thing myself.

Also managed to meet her entire family since I’m from Boston and so is she.

I believe that makes me one of the family.



No way you could understand the bond I’m making up.



This was my first year in the Campus Movie Fest and I need to get as many views as possible to be put at the CMF Wild Card and get a trip to Hollywood. Would you all do me this favor and repost AND watch as much as possible. It would be AMAZAZAZING. And if you do I’ll promise never to say amazing that way again.


I made for one reason.

Because it needed to happen a LONG time ago.


SOOOO…I’ve had “Up All Night” saved on my DVR forever.

I was terrified it was not going to reach my expectations.

In case you were wondering, this was my reaction:


And I plan on being up all night watching it.

I’m punny too, bad-ass right?

The 1st gif in your folder is how you feel right now:

Well, I am shocked I’m spending my time doing this.

The 7th gif in your folder is how you felt this morning:

Oh, now you all know what I see in the mirror in the morning, or what I think I do.

The 30th gif in your folder is how you will feel ten minutes from now:

I really hope so, but I’m not sure my co-workers would be happy.

The 25th gif in your folder is how you will feel 10 days from now:

Hey, why wait?

The 12th gif in your folder is how you will live 10 years from now:

Great. Life as a fat-ass. Like I didn’t see this coming.

The 3rd gif in your folder is how the same sex sees you:

Reason I’m not invited to the clubs, but invited to make a fool of myself in public.

The 20th gif in your folder is how the opposite sex sees you:

I knew my sarcastic attitude was the reason I wasn’t dating.

The 2nd gif in your folder is what you will dream about tonight:

If that means I’ll be seeing Walker’s birthday suit. I’m in.

The 10th gif in your folder is how your children will act:

I should have predicted cry-babies.

The 15th gif in your folder is what your parents thought when you were born:

My parents have over-used their eye-roll. Especially if it’s been since I was born.

The 13th gif in your folder is how you will act at your wedding:

Again with the eating.

The last gif in your folder is how people will feel at your funeral:

Everyone expect my mother.

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I never reblog. But this was just precious. And by precious we all know I mean the dam truth. Which you can’t handle, SOPA.

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First reblog. But it was necessary.

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